LC4 Learning Experience #3

This week’s assigned readings that my group and I discussed are called, “From Outrage to Organizing,” “Why Community Schools?” “Aren’t You on the Parent Listserv?” “Blood on the Tracks” and “Little Kids, Big Ideas.” These five stories took place on pages 273 to 301 in “The New Teacher Book.” For this week’s learning experience, my […]

Observation Comic Strip #2

I observed the first grade classroom on my second day of observations at Our Lady of the Lake School. From the instant I walked in the classroom, I noticed how mature and responsible the students are. They behave very well and they are very engaged in their learning for their young age. From the observations […]

LC4 Current Connection #3

Our group’s assigned readings for this week are “My Dirty Little Secret: I Don’t Grade Student Papers,” “Taking Teacher Quality Seriously,” and “Beyond Test Scores.” For my own current connection, I chose “Beyond Test Scores” by James Noonan. As someone who struggles with taking tests, I felt like I could relate to this reading and […]

Observation Comic Strip #1

My first comic strip displays the interaction between my fifth grade teacher and I on my first day of class observations. When I first heard about the observation requirement, my former grade school automatically came to my mind and I instantly was happy thinking about doing my observations at this school because of the safe […]

LC4 Learning Experience #2

This week’s assigned readings that my group and I discussed were “Inclusivity Is Not a Guessing Game,” “I Believe You” and “On Behalf of Their Name.” The learning objectives we set from these readings are understanding inclusivity in the classroom, understanding how to earn student’s trust and making sure they feel heard, and understanding the […]

LC4 Current Connection #2

This week’s assigned readings from Chapter 3 focused on the challenges revolving around social justice issues that occur and the opportunities that await to find solutions to these challenges. This chapter discusses how we as teachers can help rightfully make a difference by teaching students how to be aware of the real-world issues that take […]

LC4 Learning Experience #1

This week’s assigned reading focused on the concepts of social imagination, empathy, the meaning behind a social imagination, different types of bilingual programs, how to teach bilingual students English, the Lost Homes Unit, and Mateo’s Story. My classmates in my group and I discussed and covered these concepts in ways that connect to the personal […]

LC4 Current Connections #1

To create a classroom for equity and social justice, it is important to look at the many different ways that a classroom needs improvement with this topic and from there, discussing the many different possible solutions that are needed accomplishes this goal. When thinking about the many ways to create a social justice classroom, it […]

About Me

 My name is Katie and my preferred pronouns are she/her. My hometown is Euclid, Ohio and this is a picture of me. I am interested in teaching kindergarten and first grade. Subjects that I would be interested in teaching are English and writing. I love spending quality time with friends and family, and I love meeting new […]